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Every Love Song Is About You — Part III


This article is part of a series about my songwriting process in writing a song called “Every Love Song.” See Part I and Part II here.

GRT-Bass-Drums-smAfter relishing the Seahawk victory, having dinner with my son, working out, doing some work and other everyday stuff, I headed back over to the computer to pick up where I left off.

I did some more work on the arrangement but mostly, it was guitar night.

I added a bunch of guitar parts — a main rhythm part, a double to that part (with a different sound) for the chorus (you like the choruses to be a little fatter), a separate guitar for the pre-choruses and a different, arpeggio guitar for the break. Oh, and I almost forgot. I added some guitars just for the last repeats of the chorus.

Adding Some Juice

I decided the song needed a little variation added to it so I broke the chorus down to just drums and the new, arpeggio guitar. Then I built it back up, adding bass (with a build bass part) and the regular chorus guitars. Here’s the result. It’s guitar, bass and drums so far, none of them are finished and the sounds are just approximations.

Every Love Song: Drums-Bass-GTR

The guitars went quite quickly. It was easy to double parts once I had the originals down and a few parts were completed in just one or two takes. I worked until 1:15 am, taking about 4 hours. Tomorrow is MLK day so thankfully I don’t have to get up at 6:30 to drive my son to school. I’m 7 1/2 hours into the song now.




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