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May 09

Can you guess this ’90s song?

By Keith | Covers

Do you recognize this song?

Can you name this tune from this 15 seconds? It’s from the ’90s, and I’m recording a cover right now 🙂 This is the breakdown section. The rest of the song is much harder and driving. It’s been a lot of fun to do. I hope to have the full version done in the next few […]

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Feb 25

Queen, or AC/DC?

By Keith | Music Business

Queen or AC/DC?

My buddy and I talk about this regularly — Queen, or AC/DC? Not, who is the best band, but which is your philosophy? Both bands are great. But they take two different approaches to music. AC/DC AC/DC does what they do, and they do it very, very well. It’s hard-driving, tight, stadium rock ‘n roll. […]

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Dec 04

Edmonds Tunes — Friday, Dec., 11

By Keith | Live Shows

I’ll be doing 20 minutes in Edmonds on Friday, December 11th, 2015. It’s for Edmonds Tunes, at Cafe Louvre, (210 Fifth Ave S). I start just after 6:30 and am only playing 5 or 6 songs — you don’t want to miss any of them (well, maybe one). I might even trot out some stuff […]

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Nov 05

New Groove

By Keith | Original Music

Hey there, I’m working on a kind of funky groove. Take a listen. If you don’t see an audio player above, here’s a link to the file. Now, it’s been said that I don’t have a funky bone in my body. But I do love a good groove and can keep messing around until I […]

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